With the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Project, Design has launched a Center for Development of Innovative Products Made with Oblachinska Cherries. Its main activities are focused on the development and promotion of high-quality and healthy products made with this fruit, as well as the promotion of the Serbian brand “Oblachinska cherry” on the local and international markets.

“The goal is to properly present the Oblachinska cherry to end consumers, so that people buying a product made with this variety of sour cherry will know that they are get something special and exceptional.”
Miodrag Tomic,
Director and Owner of Desing


The main goal of the project is the vertical integration of all stakeholders in the “Oblachinska Value Chain”: primary farmers, cold stores, processors and distributors, in order to improve the existing and create new, innovative products made with Oblachinska cherries, to stimulate the Serbian processing industry to increase exports of Oblachinska cherry products, to introduce new products made with Oblachinska cherries to the retail market (retail-ready products and/or fresh products), to increase production capacities, sales revenues and exports, and to promote the Oblachinska cherry in Serbia and on the international market.

The Support Hub “Center for development of innovative products made with OBLACHINSKA cherries” is aimed at:
  • Promoting the Serbian Oblachinska cherry brand in international markets.
  • Vertical integration of primary farmers, processors, and all other stakeholders to work together to improve the quality of the sour cherry from the earliest stages in the production cycle - growing and sourcing premium fruit - through every stage of fruit processing and distribution.
  • Developing innovative premium cherry-based products.
  • Developing partnerships and direct exchange of experience with manufacturers and research centers abroad.
  • Improving processing capacities: procuring modern equipment that enables superior product quality.
  • Increasing exports of high-grade OBLACHINSKA cherry products: innovative and premium quality products.
  • Establishing an R&D laboratory for determining shelf life, sensory analysis, product conceptualization, recipe optimization, scale-up and productivity, and process improvements.
  • Developing, through several workshops, entrepreneurship as a key competence, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial mindset of all stakeholders in the “Oblachinska Value Chain”.
Thanks to our wide network of distributors and representatives abroad, we understand the various difficulties, regulations, and cultural differences in the export of food products. We receive constant updates on the market and on nutrition trends, consumer preferences, industry demands and the potential for export for all markets where Desing has established sales networks.

The USAID Competitive Economy Project supports these activities in the desire to make #OblachinskaCherry a globally recognizable Serbian brand.

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