As a result of these efforts, Design has developed prototypes of new products for each beneficiary.


Milk chocolate with freeze-dried sour cherries
Chocolate dragées made of dark chocolate and freeze-dried sour cherries
Chocolate dragées made of dark chocolate and osmotically dehydrated sour cherries

Artival chocolates and dragées are products that are well known beyond the borders of Serbia. The traditional production method applied by the company, resulting in remarkable flavor and quality, puts them on the shortlist of producers. Hazelnuts, almonds, raisins, liqueurs, cinnamon aroma, or delicious Serbian cherries, all with the finest coating of white, milk or dark chocolate, create gentle but rich flavors perfect for true hedonists. All the products are made with the utmost care and love, while choosing the best ingredients and relying on a tradition lasting more than 20 years.


A granola mix made of cereals, Oblachinska sweet and sour cherries and walnuts. Granola with Oblachinska cherries is calorie-dense, as well as rich in protein and fiber, contributing to its fullness and its micronutrients. In particular, the newly-developed product provides iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, B vitamins, and vitamin E. Moreover, high-fiber foods slow down stomach emptying and increase digestion time, which can help you feel fuller for longer — and may aid appetite control. Granola with a sweet and sour cherry combination may also improve blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and reduce blood sugar. Granola has been found to increase levels of healthy gut bacteria, compared with refined breakfast cereals. Ingredients such as cherries are good sources of inflammation-reducing antioxidants.
A 100% fruit spread made with Oblachinska sour cherries and apples. The fruit content of this spread is 100%, all-natural, nothing taken away and nothing added. Together we have developed a tasty and nutritious spread containing 100% fruit sweetened with apple juice to balance the flavor. With sugar consumption now on the minds of many, we are proud of this “no added sugar” fruit spread alternative. No additives or preservatives. This healthy fruit spread is a great boost at breakfast time, complements cakes and bakes, and is delicious mixed with ice creams, yogurts, and more!


JoToGo Greek-style yogurt with Oblachinska sour cherries and cereals. The creamy, thick texture with a rich taste and active probiotic properties contains twice as much nutritious protein as plain yogurt. Easy to digest, is also suitable for the lactose intolerant, providing a mild feeling of adequate satiety. The combination of crispy oat grains and cherries optimizes digestion, and in addition to regulating weight, is also rich in fiber and minerals for boosting immunity. Juicy cherries, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, provide a light and invigorating addition to every bite.


100% fruit juice made of Oblachinska sour cherries and apples. Because we only use fruits that have reached optimum ripeness, our Oblachinska cherries are naturally sweet and delicious! Bright red in color and intensely flavorful, these cherries have a unique taste and are simply mouth-watering. The sour taste is an indication of the many health benefits provided by anthocyanins. These flavonoid compounds are behind the tartness, intense red color, and potential health-promoting properties, such as reducing muscle soreness after exercise, easing arthritis pain and enhancing heart health. The natural melatonin helps ensure a good night’s sleep by helping to regulate the sleep cycle. ZDRAVO PRODUCT juice contains only the natural sugars found in the fruit, making it delicious as is! In addition, it is also revitalizing, refreshing and energizing.


Candied Oblachinska cherries in syrup. The premium quality for a premium flavor with a unique taste comes from Oblachinska cherries grown and hand-picked on Desing’s own plantation in Knjazevac, and all-natural ingredients. The natural flavor comes directly from the fruit itself as it is slowly candied according to the traditional recipe handed down over many generations. This product has a rich, elegant flavor, a measured sweetness, a dark flavor, and a candied texture.
A cherry brandy drink made of Oblachinska cherry concentrate. A superior production process in which the alcohol is mixed with the juice of original Oblachinska cherries reveals a sweet-and-sour taste with a natural fruity aroma unique on the market. The best barmen throughout the country choose to dress up their cocktails and drinks with our cherries.