European consumers of food products have become more health-conscious over the past decades. It all began with the establishment of the MONICA project by the WHO - World Health Organization in the early 1980s: Multinational Monitoring of Trends and Determinants in Cardiovascular Disease, with the objective of measuring the trends in cardiovascular mortality and coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease morbidity and assessing the extent to which these trends are related to changes in known risk factors, daily living habits, health care, and major socioeconomic features measured during the same period in defined communities in different countries.
At the same time, their sophistication in selecting the highest quality product has greatly increased. This has resulted in a continuous and accelerated increase in demand for premium, healthy and functional food (a modified food that claims to improve health or well-being by providing benefits beyond those of the traditional nutrients it contains) such as products with high nutritional and functional value, organic and all-natural shelf-stable products with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, and convenient dietary snacks. This situation offers great opportunities for Serbian companies able to produce high-quality products, especially in the fruit processing industry, to access international markets. Expanding into new markets is a complex process for most of these companies due to their limited resources and production capacities, lack of knowledge and insights about specific markets, their potential in terms of size and market share, local food regulations, no right connections with key salespersons, and many other factors. In this stage of business, companies often require professional service providers and consultancies on a specific subject. With our international experience in successfully introducing new products to markets, we could provide additional benefits to potential beneficiary companies and facilitate the market of their newly developed products based on the Oblachinska cherry.


After 140 years this wonderful fruit has finally gotten an opportunity to be presented in the way it deserves. Together with producers, companies, the government, communities, and yourselves, we can BRING THE OBLACHINSKA CHERRY ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

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